Tanks rarely spawn.But their appereance is not too unsual.Like all infected,there's a normal and an elite version,ther normal is green and the elite gray.Tanks have a lot of health and may do a charging attack when getting damage.However,this is really useful if you want to take out a whole horde of Zombies, but be cautious,it will insta-kill you.The normal version as a blue tank top with the number "8".Both have a axe in their heads,only the normal one exposes the brain.The elite as a T-shirt with number "0",and lacerated lips showing it's jaws like most of the elite infected.The charge attack can insta-kill any infected,including normal and elite tanks,as well bosses.You won't get XP but it's good to get rewards from dead bosses and boosts from other infected.

Trivia Edit

  • His name and his role as a boss infected show obvious references to the Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 Tank