Survival ModeEdit

You can play only Solo now. In survival mode you kill waves of zombies until you quit or die. There is also a time limit


Mini-HP Potion: Defeat Wave 3 in any map. Damage Boost: Defeat Wave 7 in any map.


Note: please expand on this section of the wiki. Different weapons and characters and tactics can be useful in each Game Mode.

  • At this point, the smallest two maps Underground BioLab and Arena are the only practical areas to play survival at this time.
  • Make sure you have good health, have a good character, Weapons and skill.)
  • [Weapons|Chainsaw]] doesn't restrict movement and does high damage with a low investment.
  • Try an area you are familiar with, somewhere you know you won't die to quickly at.
  • Don`t stay near spawn points of Nurse Zombies.


There are many glitches in this game that POSSIBLY MAY help you out in survival.

Parking lot: on the ramps, you want to slowly move to the edge until your feet are floating. you will need a shotgun because the zombies will create a pool under you.Under the ramps, you should have upgraded your chainsaw or have the LightSword as this is a melee-only spot (Grenades and some Nurses can still hurt you) Top of ramps: you go to the side rail that is facing the outside of the map and the zombies get lost.
Hospital: go to the area where some beds are in a corner and you want to back-pedal into the bed which is dipping downward.(out of chainsaw range)
Surgery(medical area): you need to walk over the falling plates into the corner of this area the zombies either get lost or run behind you.